How do retailers offer something over and above the sheer convenience of internet, through the in-store experience?


The May 2017, Retail Outlet event provided an insightful conversation on how the world of retail is progressing and where it needs to go.

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Key Participants

Charlotte Byrne

New Business Manager

Resolution Interiors

Retail Outlet. Speakers, Pippa Saunders

Pip Saunders

Marketing Manager

Resolution Interiors

Retail Outlet

Sammi Burden

Head of Creative Design

Resolution Interiors

Retail Outlet. Speakers. Mark Masters

Mark Masters

Managing Director



How Do Retailers Offer Something Over & Above The Sheer Convenience Of The Internet, Through The In-Store Experience?

| Retail Outlet | No Comments

When it comes to building loyalty but still having an eye on convenience, the in-store experience will always be here.

retail industry

Is The Retail Industry Really Doom & Gloom Or Are We Seeing The Future In Front Of Us?

| Retail Outlet | No Comments

With the retail industry in a period of transition, those who invest in design, layout and customer experience will see the reward.

Fake Authenticity & Secret Shops. Is Fact & Less Fiction The Best Approach?

| Retail Outlet | No Comments

When it comes to retailers creating a story about their brand, it encourages engagement. However, there has to be a degree of honesty doesn’t there?

Create Occasions Of Learning Or Igniting A Reason To Buy?

| Retail Outlet | No Comments

Interaction within a physical retail space is something that the digital alternative cannot provide. Lets look at pockets of learning and demonstration.

Retail Outlet

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Retail Outlet is a space for brands and suppliers to the retail industry to share how the landscape is evolving. Driving insight from different areas of the retail spectrum, from technology, to lighting, to build, to brand, let’s share the perspectives of others. Companies you may not have heard of, brands you will be familiar with, from different commercial walks of life all with a shared intention to create better experiences for others.

It is the opportunity to bring people together and share what is important to them and what we all need to be aware of. We will document and share with you.

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