A More Resourceful Way, For A Healthy Client Relationship

Are we starting to move away from the days of ring fencing a group, to work solely with one client?

Alicia Thresh, our Account Director, recognises the importance of diversity with the client/supplier relationship.

“Knowing a client inside out is important. It is how we forge relationships and deliver a truly personal service. However, how do we also remain primed for innovation and change? There has to be a path of continuity, and a fresh perspective. There has to be someone ready to step in, where there is familiarity.”

Alicia also points to the resourcefulness of a team with local proximity to projects, rather than one person, one base. “Clients have stores throughout the UK, it makes sense to allocate resources close to stores. Faster mobilisation and cost efficiency have to be in everyone’s best interests.”

From a commercial perspective, flexibility provides continuity. Alicia goes on to say, “When it comes to formulating a high performing team, I believe you have your tight core group, the foundation, a strong supporting network, the security, and a broader resource allowing further flexibility”.

Strong relationships remain critical, but perhaps team structures are evolving.