A Positive Approach To Work

The bonds we form with others is so important.

When someone starts at Resolution Interiors there is this thing around longevity and many of the team have been here for over five years.

Is there a reason for that?

Alex Simpson, from our Account Management team, came from the telecoms industry seven years ago.

Alex’s reason comes from a place of recognition.

She says, “There are two sides. We are here within a work capacity that also encourages the sense of togetherness outside of work. It doesn’t matter which team a person is in; it is all about being a part of something much bigger. Even partners are encouraged to join in our festive celebrations.”

“For instance, the kitchen, not the boardroom, is the hub. From chats with the Management Team, to a catch up with someone from the warehouse, it is all about creating a sense of community.”

The world of work is a part of life. It is the place that cements relationships and helps people belong. Alex says, “Recognition is about extending the thanks from the roles that we play and the clients we serve to making a business a success. People need to be there for each other, this is why they stay, it encourages loyalty to the places we call work.”