Bringing The Methodology To A New Place

Working with the largest government department in the United Kingdom, responsible for welfare and pension policy, presented challenges and opportunity in a new space.

The Department for Works & Pensions (DWP) whilst away from the comfort zone of retail, presented commonality in approach.

What started in June 2018, has recently come to fruition with year one works completed. Alex Simpson, Account Manager, explains. “We have completed 61 sites within the southwest and Wales. This has effectively been lifecycle works from mechanical and engineering systems (M&E), decorating and flooring, to refresh works refurbishing the regional job centres.

With a new client and an extensive works programme, there is always new grounds to cover. David Pool, Project Manager explained, “In retail, the busy period is Saturday and Sunday, with a government department, it is Monday to Friday. You have to work around the customer and their clients, where disruption doesn’t come into the agenda. You have to be flexible for a mass roll-out.”

How is year two lined up? Andy Altass, Project Manager says, “A new client means creating a new history. We now have a critical path where the right information means an efficient delivery. We can look at what worked and what needs to be adapted. Communication is the key to ongoing success.”