Covid-19 Statement of Intent – Updated 08/04/2020

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RI Senior Management Team and Executive Board meet weekly to discuss our strategy and this aligns with the current government status.

We continue to proactively review our operating model and business continuity plan, to sustain operations throughout this challenging period. The plan is reflective of the following areas; client requirements, supply chain, our team, operational delivery. These areas are summarised as follows:



Our delivery teams are in regular contact with our clients and their programming requirements. We ask for as much detail as possible relating to project start and end dates, locations and any bulk material requirements.

Where roll-out programmes are in place we want to support our clients and safe guard key frequently used items so we have sufficient stock to facilitate the programme. This will not only prevent delays should elements be supplied by countries such as Italy which have enforced shutdowns but will also facilitate commercial buying gains for our clients.

To mitigate risks we have reviewed our works, supply chain and internal resource and have allocated works geographically to fall closest with the Project Manager and suppliers. This is so if a region or area is locked down this only isolates part of the resource, limiting them to remain working in the local area and does not impact the wider delivery across the country.

The works are reviewed weekly within our operations meetings and are coordinated by the Programme Manager.

We are happy to collaborate with our clients’ extended supply chain should regional closures be enforced to either support the programme delivery or, if we are unable to fulfill, share the works in order to meet the delivery programme.

We are ensuring to confirm orders can be fulfilled at point of order confirmation and will monitor and advise should any changes occur to the supply chain. We are unable to predict border controls, regional closures etc. and will discuss these directly with our clients should the situation arise or have the potential to impact any ongoing works.


Supply Chain

We are frequently in contact with our core supply chain to understand what plans they have in place to manage COVID-19.

For all fixture supplies, we check stock holding at point of quotation and order. Where there are any concerns these are logged on a risk register.

Whilst these are uncertain economic times for our supply chain our aim is to provide concurrence of works and to allocate geographically.

Logistically we use a blend of internally resourced transport and external companies in order to mitigate the risk should transportation be impacted.


Employees/Operational Delivery

As of 24th March 2020, as a business we are operating remotely and have implemented the appropriate technology in order to facilitate our operations.

We have provided clear messaging to our team that anyone experiencing flu or cold like symptoms are to stay at home and work from home unless symptoms prevent. We have relaxed our policy on sickness and sick pay to mitigate the risk of employees coming into work when they may have contracted the virus. We have an internal HR

We have requested that our team make it standard protocol to ring ahead to check client appointments do not have restrictions before making their journey.

Hygiene is a key priority for our business and as such we have enhanced our measures for our site induction process to enable additional cleans and ensuring contractors and visitors understand how to sanitise/wash correctly.

All sites will be Covid-19 risk assessed with local arrangements in place to minimise exposure.

Within our site inductions we are requesting contractors and visitors to complete a daily declaration to confirm they are fit to work. Anyone exhibiting symptoms will be asked to leave site immediately.

Should a confirmed case of Covid-19 occur we will follow the government guidelines instigating an environmental clean as applicable. Those who have been exposed to the infected individual will be instructed to self-isolate as per the government guidelines.

Our priority currently is to ensure safety of our staff, contractors and clients on site and we have requested that teams abide by the current protocols which are summarised here:


Escalation/Decision Making Process


In the case of employee absence, our employees telephone the Line Manager no later than 10am on the first day of absence.

The Line Manager then escalates/informs HR immediately.

Where business wide operations are affected, a message will be sent to all employees and agency workers by the Senior Management (SMT) or Executive Team, as soon as reasonably practicable.

Specific details of the action required by employees and line managers will vary depending on the situation, and the management plan should be adjusted to suit.

Active Site

In the case of a contractor absence, the contractor telephones the active RI Site Manager no later than 10am on the first day of absence.

The Site Manager then escalates/informs the Operations Manager/HR immediately.

Where site wide operations are affected, a message will be sent to all contractors and agency workers by the Senior Management (SMT) or Executive Team, as soon as reasonably practicable.

Specific details of the action required by contractors and Project Managers will vary depending on the situation, and the management plan should be adjusted to suit.


Client Supply Chain

As we monitor the developments there may be situations that arise which will prevent customer direct contractors from being able to fulfill their workload and vice versa. We are keeping in regular communication with our customers so as to understand where we are able to mobilise contingency plans and where we will require assistance from their own supply chain.


Re-Prioritisation/Delay of Workload

Consideration of current programmes and what are the immediate priorities for customers has been reviewed at length, whether it be to a roll-out programme (due to quarterly targets), or a refurbishment programme for stores may then become priority. This continues to be reviewed in conjunction with our clients on a weekly basis to ensure alignment between RI and our clients.

We are consulting the government website on a daily basis to review the number of cases by region and then assessing risk to employee and contractor based on this. If there were to be a significant spike of cases in a specific area where we are working in close proximity, or if that region were to be locked down, we may need to delay the project until able to re-mobilise.


Contingency Planning

We have reviewed our overall works programme and looked at the regional locality of Project Managers, Site Managers/Agencies and contractors. This in turn allows us, if the need arises, to helicopter teams into a site should it be shut down due to a confirmed case that sends the teams into self-isolation.

We are committed to collaborating with our clients and supply chain to continue operationally whilst safe guarding our team’s well-being. We will continue to keep you updated on our protocols in response to further government guidance.