Creativity Is About Being Mindful Alongside The BIG Goals

Creativity should not be defined by how much you want to spend. Creativity has to be led by what the brand objectives are.

It has never been more important to align the retail experience (and subsequently the design of the retail space) with the brand value and identity.  

Sammi Burden, Creative Director explains, “From an early stage, you have to recognise what is the most important factor for a client; is it the experience created? Is it the brand message portrayed? When these are clear we have a clear directive to then balance commerciality with creativity.”

According to Sammi, “Brands have always committed to flagship stores for various reasons but efforts are now driven into fewer locations with bigger, more considered design statements. Customers will travel to brands they feel connected to and want to visit; using IKEA as an example, stores are strategically placed to cater for a mass audience, close to motorways, connected to transport links and offering so much more when you get there then the product sales alone.

When it comes to creativity, recognising the overall brand objectives are where the conversation starts to ensure that a retail space is created to achieve those objectives.

Sammi says, “It is easy for any company to take budget to work on attractive projects, just as much as a client wants more from the company they work with. It all has to start with what you want from the project. An objective for ROI is a different conversation to making a visual statement.”

Creativity amplifies how a brand wants to be positioned as well as the purpose of their message To discuss your retail space, get in touch with our team.

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