Designing For Little People…. And Their People

Resolution worked very closely with Great Little Trading Company, (GLTC) to create a showroom space that would welcome parents & children alike. GLTC are an online furniture and toy retailer based in Wandsworth, and voted Best Children’s Retailer 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.

The key for adults was to design a calm and welcoming space. By using familiar and premium materials it allows parents to visualise the GLTC products in their own home. GLTC products and the beautifully considered room sets immediately create a wonderland for all children. They get lost within each space and are happy and content in their own little world interacting with the products, which in turn makes very happy parents.

There is no customer facing technology present within the showroom. While all the staff have iPads to take orders and digitally flick through catalogues with customers, it is purely as a functional tool to help operations. It was important that parents and children didn’t have lots of technology to interact with in the showroom as it would distract from the products. The traditional elements of the toys allow children to play with their imagination and interact with the product without the use of batteries and technology which was a vital element of the brief. The minute a form of technology is injected into the room sets, the child is transported away from the calm and collected little world the brand and space has allowed them to enter. The distraction isn’t needed.