Embracing Our Futures

It’s important for businesses to share knowledge with a wider audience. Not only does this deepen our customer relationships, it provides support for tomorrow’s talent.

Undertaking workshops with clients and universities is a way to bring people together and demonstrate that companies have a wider strategic responsibility.

Working with the Interior design faculty at Falmouth University, presents a way to highlight live briefs and real-world problem solving to students says Creative Director, Sammi Burden, “If we can share what happens after graduation then we provide a glimpse of the commercial world. It’s a good way to present an industry where there are several exciting options for graduating students. We are consulting with course leaders to help tailor the curriculum, ensuring students are better prepared for the industry. Internships and various student placements are all part of the program. I continue to be moved by emerging talent, fresh thinking and unrestricted ideas’

When it comes to the commercial side, vision workshops, create the space to stretch everyone’s thinking and horizons. Alicia Thresh, Account Director, highlighted our store of the future workshops.

“Sharing consumer insights and trend forecasting within retail is critical. This provides a different dynamic for the company that is beyond technical planning and delivering projects to challenging timescales.”

“You get the opportunity to present and work with people in a different light. It provokes lateral thinking, and a progressive mindset.”

Sharing knowledge with clients and the community represents everyone being a part of something. This is what connects us, this is how businesses become drivers for change.