The Long Game When Knowing Skillsets

Truly understanding the skillsets of the many roles within the fabric of a company is challenging.

Let’s share how we are looking to move the needle, from silos to openness.

For many companies within the retail and commercial sector, the default way to work is within silos. There is an end customer and there are systems in place and a structure to work to.

Here is an area that represents a shift from people working in isolation, with those they have a responsibility for.

It is important for a company to understand the disciplines of everyone else within the business, and effectively integrate for the greater good.

Sharing across a business is a key factor in terms of understanding the skillsets and applications of others.

For instance, within Resolution Interiors we have an internal pre-start and project review meeting. Cross disciplines come together to pool all intelligence known revolving the project and client requirements. We can also learn from what we did well and where we need to focus improvement. Everyone feeds into a forum and the notes are published for companywide review. A Project Manager could learn about a specialist retail contractor that assisted on a different brand, or a particular skillset from within our own team.

Leaning into what is happening outside of the immediate team and companies you work with is important to keep momentum.

It all stems from:

– Open relationships with team members

– The need to keep communication constant

Our core values are based on interaction and keeping conversations fluid. This links to successful projects.