Experience is the new currency

The last experience becomes the new expectation!

This is something that Resolution Interiors are going to explore in our ongoing Retail Outlet series of events. In June 2019, we introduce an experience to test the senses.

India Broad, from our Marketing Team, explains, “We used to think that the more things we had, the happier we would become. I guess, you can define me as someone from Generation Z, where there is more reward and status in the experiences we share. For instance, Gen Z’s preference for adventure and explorative travel is a jungle swing in a remote part of Thailand that they have seen on Instagram”

“This notion of collecting virgin experiences is something we’re hoping to achieve with Retail Outlet 2019. There is a story which will unfold gradually, leading up to the main event.”

Retail Outlet started in 2016 as a space for retail brands, and suppliers to the industry, to share how the landscape is evolving.

If you would like to apply for the next event, just get in touch with India [email protected]