Family Values Is More Than An Industry Buzzword

The importance of creating a workplace that embraces family values means that principals are reflected within the company and also externally.

Amelia Whitcombe, Commercial Director, provided perspective. “Let’s not shy away from it, the industry that Resolution Interiors represent is stressful. We are all continually challenged.”

“However, it is important to distract the mind and for people to acknowledge that they are connected and part of a wider family.”

“This doesn’t have to be grandiose gestures, but it would break my heart if we forgot a team members milestone birthday.”

“We even give a gift at Christmas to the partners of the staff. We know the business keeps them from another, let’s be grateful. It is the responsibility for a business to show that they care. This helps longevity. For instance, over 35% of the team have been here for ten years or more.”

Amelia concludes, “If a strong unit is presented to the wider world, from suppliers to clients, this helps forge deeper bonds and that others are part of something much bigger. It is important for companies to take care of each other, learn from each other, share what works and celebrate as one. Family mentality plays a huge role in business results.”