Grabbing 2019 With Both Hands

The year ahead provides an opportunity for everyone.

Within Resolution Interiors and the retail industry, it all comes down to adjusting to change.

Sammi Burden, our Creative Director, looked at things from an internal perspective. “It’s good for businesses to recognise the role they play and how they present themselves to others.”

“It is not just the day-to-day execution that matters, but how companies build trust and communicate meaning to others.”

Terry Watson, our New Business Development Manager, pinpointed the relationships with others. “What the customer perceives is important, for others to see that a business is present and has a pulse. When someone looks in from the outside, it is important for a company to be believable and relevant.”

When it comes to the retail industry as a whole, Pippa Saunders, our Marketing Manager, recognised the opportunity presented. “It is too easy to become introverted. What we are all seeing is a continued period of significant change, innovation and re-invention. Those who win will be those who are creative, resourceful and imaginative. This will force everyone within the retail industry to rethink.”

“You have to be in tune with the people you work with, not just customers, but the supply chain and internal teams. We are seeing people shopping with their emotions, not just their wallets. This is how we all have to work. No one wants to produce commodity work, we have to have a responsibility.”

Taking things back to core principals looks a key trait for 2019.