How can your retail fit out extend and apply the principles of omnichannel purchasing?

Omnichannel purchasing is a sales approach that provides a consistent customer experience regardless of the sales platform. Omnichannel purchasing utilises all sales touch points, from digital to bricks and mortar, to create a unified customer experience. Omnichannel purchasing isn’t the only way to create a unified experience for customers, however.

Customers crave an enjoyable and unique shopping experience throughout the entirety of their retail journey. Your retail fit out is a strong tool in creating a unified experience for your customers.

Creating consistency

Creating consistency within your retail space can help build a unified customer experience and strong brand identity. Utilising consistent design features across both individual and multiple stores provides a familiar experience for the customer, creating an atmosphere of comfort and mutual understanding. This consistency can cause a higher level of accessibility for customers by providing an understanding of the store and a wider variety of integrated touchpoints.

Meaningful customer experiences

Omnichannel design can provide a rounded customer experience. By optimising customer interaction throughout the retail fit out a meaningful in-store customer experience can be achieved.When integrating multiple touch points it is important to consider the value of each aspect of the fit out. Remove distractions so the focus remains on the brand and each aspect of the retail space provides value to the customers. By considering customer needs at each stage of the fit out process we can ensure a meaningful experience for primary customers in-store.

Creating an informative experience where customers can interact with the products/ experiences will create an environment where customers can interact with the business on a personal level. Utilising light, sound, technology to create an encompassing experience could allow customers to create a deeper interaction with the brand and feel more comfortable in the retail environment.

By increasing in-store engagement, customers will feel a stronger sense of attachment and achievement as they’ll have taken charge of their own retail experience.

Multiple touchpoints

Utilising multiple touchpoints for consumer purchasing can create an encompassing experience for consumers, allowing them to interact with the brand on multiple levels. Integrating a range of customer engagement factors into your retail fit out can greatly benefit the customer experience and increase brand interaction.

Using smart technology within the retail design can create a cohesive multichannel strategy with many of the benefits of an omnichannel experience. Integrating smart technology within your retail environment can help efficiently solve customer problems, supplement customer cravings, and provide a smoother, and more relaxing shopping experience. The use of smart technology within the retail environment is known to improve shopping experiences and provide maximum enjoyment and satisfaction to customers.

Employees are a highly important touchpoint within the retail environment. Your interior fit out is your most powerful tool when creating a positive customer experience, however your employees are just as critical. So how can you utilise your fit out to support your employees when creating a unified customer experience? Create a space that supports your employees physical and mental health through providing comfortable break spaces, collaborative locations, and a carefully considered colour pallet. These considerations will help keep your team energised, motivated and increase their efficiency and interest levels.

A unified experience

When creating your retail fit out it helps to consider all aspects of the buyer’s journey through your store. An omnichannel approach to purchasing unifies all areas of the sales process, from physical to digital touchpoints. By creating a fit out that utilises all elements of the retail environment in unity, a space can be created that applies the principles of omnichannel purchasing.

Retail design can greatly influence how customers engage with your business. If you are considering re-designing your store to enhance your customer experience, allow us to apply our years of professional experience for you.

At Resolution Interiors our team can guide you through the design and installation process seamlessly and ensure that you create a space that will have your customers coming back for more.

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