How important is BREEAM?

What is BREEAM?

As the world’s longest established building sustainability assessment, BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) has continued to evolve to keep its mantle as the preferred assessment method for contractors and developers.

BREEAM measures energy, health, wellbeing, transport, water use, ecology & biodiversity, materials, waste and pollution with a heavy emphasis on life cycle value.

While BREEAM assessments are popular, they are still voluntary (unless stipulated on a government framework). So how important is BREEAM really and what benefits does it bring to your space?

Benefits of BREEAM

Better for the environment

We all live on the same planet so it’s important that we look after it. BREEAM standards work to minimise harmful carbon emissions by considering smarter energy solutions, minimising operational pollution and using sustainable materials. In addition, BREEAM can also help you improve water usage and reduce material waste.

Better ROI

With a focus on improving the life cycle value of the space, achieving a high BREEAM rating may cost you more in the short term to invest in higher quality equipment or materials but save you more in the long term.

43% of survey respondents said they’d seen a clear reduction in operational costs after using BREEAM which means they can make a higher ROI over time.

Extra costs aren’t necessarily tied to the rating you’re trying to achieve – instead they were often incurred when BREEAM was incorporated at a later stage of the project or when the company had little experience with BREEAM. If you’re not experienced with BREEAM, you may want to consider getting in touch with experts like those at Resolution Interiors. Get in touch now.

Improved Occupant Wellbeing

Sustainable solutions don’t only benefit the environment, they often improve occupant wellbeing through e.g. more exposure to natural light, better air quality and fewer operational interruptions. In fact, 59% of respondents in a BREEAM survey reported, “improved occupant satisfaction” as a benefit of having completed a BREEAM assessment during their project.

No matter whether your occupants are employees, tenants, customers or visitors, improved wellbeing and enjoyment of the space should be a common goal.

Better Industry Reputation

BREEAM helps your company focus on sustainability which can do wonders for your reputation in the industry.

Over 50% of the organisations who use BREEAM assessments have said a primary reason was for their organisation’s CSR. (Source)

Research has shown that consumers are 80% more likely to buy from brands who are environmentally responsible and 75% of job seekers would consider an employer’s focus on sustainability.

Improved marketability

For those selling or renting out their building space, a high BREEAM rating can be crucial in attracting high value offers. 12% of BREEAM survey respondents reported a higher rental value and over 30% said the building was easier to sell – this is further supported by a report from The World Green Building Council that found ‘greener’ buildings sold for an average of 30% more than those that were ‘conventionally’ assessed.

Not only is this marketability driven by many people’s desire to be more environmentally-friendly, it’s also supported by the cost-efficiency of BREEAM certified buildings.

What is a good BREEAM rating?

In our eyes, a good BREEAM rating is Excellent or Outstanding which puts you roughly in the top 10% of non-domestic developments in the UK. However, you do not need to reach this standard to achieve your BREEAM certification.

BREEAM rates your project based on the following scores:


Rating Score
Very Good >55%
Good >45%
Pass >30%
Unclassified <30%

Regardless of the industry you’re in, a space with a high BREEAM rating will have some benefit to you whether it’s financial, operational or reputational. If you want a better workplace, a higher profit margin or a better reputation, you should consider incorporating BREEAM into your next project.

At Resolution Interiors, our teams are highly experienced at working towards BREEAM accreditations and incorporating solutions from the very start of the project. Get in touch with our team to get expert support with your project.

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