How to engage retail employees

FACT: Over 50% of employees are not engaged at work.

There is no question that the current COVID situation has left many retail employees feeling stressed out and anxious. These feelings aren’t temporary, nor are they going to just disappear and it’s likely that they’ll stick around far beyond COVID-19.

And it is easy to see why…

After months of having to deal with customer complaints and social distancing issues, to then having to handle the 1000s of customers flooding stores once they reopened and navigate the frustration of this new in-store environment; many retail associates have been left feeling unmotivated and under appreciated by their employers.

Why is employee engagement important?

It is a proven fact that happy employees generate greater productivity. Similarly, if they enjoy their job, they are more likely to engage with their work, providing a better customer experience. So if you want to achieve higher sales, then it is pivotal that your employees feel fully engaged with their roles as brand ambassadors.

REMEMBER: employees are the biggest contributing factor to the success or failure of a business. Only by investing in employee engagement can you help your business to grow and remain profitable.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement can take many forms, the most important being showing your employees that you: care; respect their health- both physical & mental, their personal lives, and appreciate the time, effort and skills they invest into your store environment.

By taking the time to appreciate these elements, you will instantly strengthen their affinity to your business, driving them to be as passionate about helping it to succeed as you are.

The key to getting it right is to do the following:

Physical health

Even the smallest acts of physical activity will keep your team energised, motivated and free from lethargy.We suggest:

Mental Health

Protecting the mental health of your employees is vital as stress, anxiety and pressure will leave them feeling unmotivated or nervous to come to work, which in turn affects productivity, efficiency levels and interest in their work.For this reason we suggest:


We touched on this subject a little in the section above. However, you’d be surprised by how much of a difference showing your appreciation can make to your team.Some of the best ways to show your employees that you’re happy with their work is:

As you can see, getting retail employees engaged is easier than you think. From giving them a voice, offering rewards, or simply creating a relaxing environment; with the right preparation you can protect their mental and physical health.

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