How to find pop up space

Pop ups have proven to be a shining light in the current climate, enabling businesses – in particular food providers and bakeries – to stay open, survive and continue operating (despite COVID restrictions). But Corona is not the only reason to launch a pop up for your brand…

As a recognised $50 billion industry, Pop Ups have been taking the market by storm for a long while now, giving digital first/new businesses the chance to test out ideas or new markets and utilise empty store fronts/vacant buildings, all at a fraction of the cost.

But that is not all…

They can also provide you with the following perks:

How to find a space

When considering opening a pop up shop it is important that you pick the right space. This will help to maximise profits and ensure that you attract the widest audience:

1. Consider your target audience

NOTE: when negotiating your short term lease, check to see if 1) you’re allowed to modify the premises (including signage) and 2) if there are any restrictions on when your business can operate.

2. Compare multiple venues depending on your objectives:

3. Consider the cost

Once you’ve decided on the kind of space you’re after, you can then take steps to contact landlords and estate agents to see if they have got any suitable places available. They can help you to narrow down your search and compare location costs.

Alternatively, you can use listing sites such as:

These can help you to reduce your expenses even further – as you can cut out the middleman e.g. estate agents/landlords – as well as can supply you with a list of potential locations, based on your criteria.

So if you’re interested in establishing a pop up, then why not keep the above steps in mind? With the right strategy you can harness pop up shops and offer another revenue to your business.

For help setting up a pop up, contact our team at Resolution Interiors today. From location scouting to store design, lighting, shelving and display space; our team can assist you with the entire process.

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