Future Focused, Reflection

The project debrief represents so much more value, than purely hitting objectives and ironing out any bumps in the road. An effective process aides future project planning. 

Here at Resolution Interiors we follow a set structure on completion of each project, where all the key players come together.

It is important, it is diarised.

From Project Managers and Project Coordinators to the Commercial Team there is a place to have an internal open forum to reflect.

Alicia Thresh, Account Director, recognised the debrief session as a vital part in the longevity of any commercial relationship. Alicia says, “A client infrastructure can consist of many departments & personnel involved in any one project so things can become quite decentralised. This stage right at the very end, means that a knowledge centre is continually being built.”

“What this means is that when clients call us, we have the information from each project at our fingertips, a resource that is relied upon. From detailed specifics, challenges faced, the successes reached, to the final financial status, everything is documented.”

“The longer the relationship, the stronger the bond. We can always refer back to what did & didn’t work if someone asks, so it also becomes a framework to provide the best value.”

Over time, personnel may change, but a library of information remains constant. Information can be provided to a client that they didn’t realise was there.

To remain commercially relevant a documented open forum helps you to stay competitive.