Mindful Design

Mindful Design Managing risk starts at the point of design.

Sammi Burden, Creative Director, highlights a mantra from the creative team, “We make sure that from the start of a project, we are not scrimping on creativity but mindful of the cost and expectations if there is all-around visibility of budget.”

Sammi continues, “There is a balancing act to play. We want to ensure creativity flourishes whilst making sure clients understand what they are paying for. We are mindful that designers ensure that every project is commercially viable from the outset”.

Alice Thresh, Account Director, recognises the importance of finding the right price point that can make a difference to a business. “It is important to evaluate. For instance, a new store design concept that has a huge cost associated with it may not be commercially viable.

When considering roll out and locations that don’t represent the same footfall or trading figures as a flagship, yet all have their part to play as part of the greater whole.” “From the outset a more open and honest brief, even if this means restrictions, culminates in a more effective creative response. Design isn’t a quick win. For it to work there has to be an understanding on both sides.”

Any investment has to make a difference for a business.