Pop-up shops: More Than A Trend

By 29th August 2019April 13th, 2021Retail

Pop-up merchandising is becoming a strategic choice for brands.

During 2019, Resolution Interiors worked with Clarks to create a fast fit, pop-up solution to accommodate high stock densities for 10 new stores within the UK.

The move is being adopted for several clients we work with.

Here are 3 key pop-up learnings to look out for.


  • Experience drives footfall. When brands find that connection with their customers and are able to deliver, no matter the size and longevity of the retail space, footfall will increase.


  • Brands can understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to design and location. The Clarks project represents a better connection with localised audiences. According to the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor Survey, 72 percent of people prefer going to a store to purchase an item but this can change depending on the demographic.


  • Pop-ups are not just favoured by start-ups and online brands. Pop-ups are becoming a choice for all types of retailers including those who have been operating for generations. Pop ups allow for fast, agile retail store layouts that can engage audiences in new ways that can’t always be achieved with traditional retail experiences.

In the 2019 emerging retail trends from CB Insights, pop-up stores are multiplying across the retail sector, and fast. The report states, “the wide proliferation of pop-up stores will shape the ways in which commercial real estate owners lease real estate all together.”

Pop Ups are set to be more than just a trend – they’re set to become a key part of every businesses’ trading strategy.

Could a pop-up shop help you to showcase your brand more effectively? Get in touch with our team for more information.