Life On The Other Side

Being able to see a world from both perspectives provides a real sense of balance.

Paul Bissell has recently joined Resolution Interiors as Operations Director from Homebase. He was Regional Manager for the Midlands and had worked for the company for over 10 years.

We asked Paul if the world looks different by making that transition from the client side to the supplier side of the retail fence. Paul explained, “The biggest difference is that I can provide a point of view from the client perspective. I now work for Resolution Interiors, but the whole fabric of what I do is to understand the customer journey.”

“I ran a divisional area within the UK that was regarded as number one for customer service. By sharing my experience and perspective, I hope to make the relationships we build, one that is clear for everyone.”

“Just because my career has been formulated on the client side, the principals are still the same. I joined the company based on the people who give their heart and energy within the retail industry.”

How does Paul look at the challenges for retail today? Paul explained, “The biggest challenge for retailers is to move with the times and learn. Technology needs to enhance others and support the entire customer journey, not just be a shiny add-on.”

We welcome Paul as a key member of the Resolution Interiors team and support to those we work with.