Making the most of all workable space for DWP

This programme of works represents an initiative to make vacant spaces, within specified DWP sites, ready to be re-occupied. Refurbishments were defined to empty floors or areas, within larger occupied buildings in which workers had to maintain full services throughout. We were engaged to deliver multiple projects, whilst managing these concurrently to effect more working space for DWP teams.


The requirement at Bromley was the refurbishment of two floors, however one of the floors included a defined area in which DWP needed to continue to operate throughout the refurbishment works.  Works to the second floor included; new flooring and decoration; removal of a non-load bearing wall; full electrical replacement including a new communications room; a new mains room; as well as new air conditioning in the communications room; a kitchenette; and desks aligned with the Government Workplace Standard Guidelines.  The first floor required alterations to the existing electrical system alongside flooring and decorations. To facilitate the new electrical connections a full power down was carried out outside of working hours, at the weekend, in order to avoid disruption to business as usual.

This project called for very careful planning and clear lines of communication to facilitate a positive working relationship, while working in an occupied building with very limited access points. For example, lift usage was arranged and meticulously planned and monitored to avoid shared usage and the mixing of our team with that of the workplace in order to mitigate any change on cross-contamination of the space regarding Covid-19 as well as to avoid any potential health and safety hazards when transporting goods. Strong communication and clear signage was key to the success.