McColls | Head Office

McColl’s pride the strength of their business as a, national leading neighbourhood retailer, on the contribution of their colleagues – both in store, and at their Head Office. Moving to a new premise is never easy, but we were there to ensure that we bought their working community closer than ever before. Changing working practices and undergoing a rebrand at the same time, represented a huge cultural shift.

McColl’s engaged Resolution Interiors and our sister design studio, Field, during their property search. At this point they had narrowed it down to two key locations. Keen to better visualise how these locations may work for the McColl’s team – that’s where Field came in. Helping them to better understand how they could occupy the two spaces, assisted the final decision.

Understanding the restraints and restrictions within their current space led to key aspects of the brief for a better working environment. As such the leadership team were keen to promote greater collaboration between teams with a more fluent and agile way of working. Workshops with the board, allowed us to further explore working needs, whilst also looking to the future and supporting the strategic direction of the company.

We consulted with McColl’s teams, to ensure that their wants and needs were met as well. As this represented quite a significant cultural change, this involvement and sense of ownership also helped to pave the way for a more positive adoption of change.

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime (ref. Andrew Naber, Gettysburg college). We asked what more would you like from the space, what would you really like to include to enhance your working experience. One of the key principles that Field designers had to be sure to captivate and bring to life was to model a working environment where individuals can build a successful and rewarding career. This included a brand new training academy, a place that’s dedicated to their learning and development – not an after thought or a lifeless meeting room.

Even though the layout was open plan, we still wanted the space to instil team working and a sense of belonging so we created dividers that acted as zones with walk ways around. Whilst our designers knew that by re-telling the story of the brand at touch points throughout the office, with rebranding by brand design agency ODA, this would amplify the brand experience and the sense of being a part of the story still being written.

Whilst this project coincided with the Covid-19 outbreak, Field & Resolution Interiors proposed modifications to accommodate the new normal. If you would like guidance on progressing your environment to accommodate teams more safely please find a comprehensive look here.