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Screwfix, Store’s Programme

New build & refurbishment roll out

Screwfix Till Points

A long-standing relationship of 13 years, we design and deliver new builds, special projects and refurbishment programmes for Screwfix, as well as providing all of their fixtures and fittings. We act as Principal Contractor and manage all H&S requirements and procedures. Every project RI manages will have a site-specific programme and small works plan or Construction Phase Plan (specific to the size of build project under CDM 2015).


We deliver 40 stores per year, on average. RI are committed to providing the highest standards of excellence in conducting design & build services, as such we have invested in ensuring we follow BIM practice and process. Through employing a Head of BIM development, ongoing team training and software, namely Faro laser scanner and REVIT, we are currently operating at BIM level 2 where appropriate, and are working towards level 3.

Screwfix City Store Exterior Sign
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