Virgin Holidays, Liverpool

In December 2019 Virgin Holidays opened their newest Flagship Store in Liverpool.

We have proudly been working with Virgin Holidays since 2014, making Your Studio’s vision of the stores a reality.

As technology such as AR, VR and AI grows in popularity, their power and capabilities are proving a powerful engagement tool within retail space. Advances in technology are allowing brands to create immersive spaces that take shoppers on a journey.


Retailers around the world are using their retail spaces to create interactive experiences and unique in-store features. Virgin Holidays is a great example of a brand that understands human behaviour to create powerful and effective spaces.


To maximise the experiences within this store, you can expect to find an experience pod containing an immersive light and sound experience ensuring they get their customers into the holiday spirit from the very beginning.


The store is also designed to give customers a taste of Upper and Premium Economy seats that they would expect to find on a Virgin Atlantic flight.

If you head towards the back of the store you can find a secret cinema room which gives customers the chance to get a feel for the Virgin Holidays brand while tucking into some tasty popcorn from the popcorn machine. It really is all about the little extras, and the new Liverpool flagship store is not short of these. It features a green ‘living’ wall, lounge-style seating, “Lucky Red” vending machine filled with treats and surprises for customers and a dedicated children’s area to keep the little ones entertained.