Put Good In, Get Good Out

When you get things right internally, it benefits externally.

Nicola Hammett and Jen Hardy head up the Resolution Interiors Project Co-ordination teams with a role in maintaining the development of others.

Nicola highlights, “In order for people to work as a team, you have to understand people on a personal basis. We have created; internal workshops to discover what it takes to be a strong Project Coordinator; quarterly team check-ins; as well as internal programmes for people to work in pairs with those they may not be so familiar with.”

Team development starts at a management level, connecting the dots throughout the entire company.

Sammi Burden, Creative Director says, “No matter what level, we all have to develop personally ensuring a stronger company foundation. When opportunity is provided within a company to participate, and having a voice is encouraged and valued, it benefits everyone.”

When employees are asked why they love working for companies that put staff development first, they speak of the sincerity of the relationships at work. These passionate employees describe their work culture as an extension of home, they speak enthusiastically of their colleagues as being supportive and like being with family. Successful businesses are built on high caliber relationships which in turn reflect on the way employees treat their clients.”

As Richard Branson said, “If you look after your internal customers you don’t have to worry about the external customers.” We put as much effort into our staff, as we do our clients.