Recognising Trends To Share

Let’s highlight some trends that we are seeing at the moment from within the Resolution Interiors world.

We are seeing the commitment to introducing more digital concepts within stores. Whilst brands take on new initiatives as a trial period, we are seeing clients going deeper, not wider.

Matt Hext, Technical Designer, highlights, “From a design perspective, enhancing the store shopping experience comes down to an improved service, it doesn’t mean eliminating staff. From way finding to click and collect roll-out, the conceptual work is allowing customers to take control of the shopping experience.”

Tom Maunder, Technical Designer, recognised a trend towards frictionless experiences. Tom says, “We have been working on the retail side for historic buildings and new boutique hotels. Whilst one has sympathy for the past, the other has a look towards the future. However, both represent simplicity at work. This represents, easy to navigate formats and never neglecting the customer. This is key to the whole design process.”

Whilst technology has its role to play when looking at trends that are shaping 2019 as it stands, we are seeing brands acknowledging and enhancing the customer experience. It is about understanding the customer, not pampering to fads.