An opportunity for retailers that influence store refits to share how the landscape is evolving.

Experience the Senses

Generation Z expects technology to be intuitive, relevant and engaging – their last great experience is their new expectation.

The future generation want personalisation and interactive experiences with the latest digital advances.

The new way to shop

18:30 Drinks Reception

20:30 Dinner

How exciting, are you ready to RSVP?

Didn’t think so.. let’s try this again

18:30 The mixer

20:30 Dinner with a view

How about now? Probably not, and I certainly would not have grabbed the attention of Gen Z. Lets give it one final go.

18:30 Experience shopping like Gen Z with a two-hour scent making workshop whilst sipping on champagne. Your scent will be ready to take home at the end of the evening and available to re-order online – who doesn’t want to be an individual


20:30 By this time you should all be firmly strapped into your seats before we lift you 100ft into the air. Whilst you enjoy the evening summer sun with beautiful city views, dinner will be cooked in front of you in a pop-up kitchen with chefs preparing and serving the finest cuisine, not to mention the sommelier-selected wines.

Places are limited