The Retail Outlet Project – Curate Knowledge

Retail Outlet is an on-going forum for brands and suppliers to the retail industry to share topics and opinion on how the industry landscape is evolving.


What Is It?

Our promise is to drive insight from different areas of the retail spectrum, from technology, to lighting, to build, to brand. Let’s listen and share the perspectives of others.

These are companies from different commercial walks of life, but with a shared intention to create better retail experiences for consumers.


A Responsibility

Resolution Interiors have taken the responsibility to share our experience and look at key issues within the UK retail sector. From looking at the role of technology, value and data through to defining words that have perhaps lost their meaning, we have brought in others as well as tapping into our own resources.

The Retail Outlet project takes things to a new level. It is the responsibility for businesses to become information providers within their sectors of expertise.

We are now building a conversation directly with groups of innovators including well-known brands, and suppliers to the industry. Everybody together, in one room.


When & Where Is It?

Retail Outlet is a resource for you to take from, consider, question and interpret.

The first discussion will be held at The Hoxton Holborn on 18th May. The topic will be centred on whether the digital experience has to adopt a bricks and mortar presence to be successful in 2017, and beyond.


Setting The Scene For The Discussion

According to WGSN, and their ‘Reorganising for a digital future’ report, on an index basis, one well known retailer calculates that customers who only shop in-store are worth 2.5x, shoppers who shop online are worth 3.17x, shoppers who shop online and offline are worth 6x, and shoppers who shop within all those channels plus mobile are worth 8x.

According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC), 15% of all retail sales are now being made online and there are approximately 40,000 fewer shops than there were a decade ago.

Whilst change represents an exciting horizon, how easy will it be for brands to adapt? Can one channel exist without the other?

Alternatively, brands such as Amazon are now reinventing the way we shop at bricks and mortar stores by opening their first physical bookshop in Seattle.

It is fair to say that bricks and mortar stores will not lose their importance. However, what is key is the ability to adapt and differentiate.


The Questions We Will Ask

How important is it for the online and offline experience to match each other?

Should the physical experience represent fluidity of change?

Is the creation of community even more important today?

These are some of the questions we will ask and share.


Would You Like To Be Part Of It?

Over the coming weeks we will share with you, the people participating in this project and how they look at the world today.

As part of our on-going commitment, we will share with you the event via live social feeds, an audio commentary and share our key findings with you.

If you would like to come to Retail Outlet on the 18th May and participate, please register your interest with me (click here).

Welcome to Retail Outlet.