Rising to expectations

Experiences created become the expectations you commit to.

Retail Outlet has been our side project since 2016. The intention is to connect people within the world of retail interiors.

Our June event was, London In The Sky. A 22 seated table suspended 100ft in the sky. The experience itself and enjoying mutual connection took center stage.

Pippa Saunders, our Marketing Manager said, “Retail Outlet is about creating a different perspective to share. Whether that’s jumping into the shoes of gen Z or looking at how brands create connection with customers beyond the realms of retail.”

“No one wants to go to an evening that places us back in the university lecture hall. Retail Outlet grows deeper connections with our retail counterparts. It’s about time with people you can have a strong relationship with. Retail is the connection.”

“People meet for the first time; it allows an intimate conversation to grow. Familiarity is key as businesses and people adapt to a changing marketplace.”

For the wider retail industry, this represents the world we participate in. There is so much competition, the question centers on how do companies stand out and be memorable for their customers?

When you bring a sense of closeness and people know they had a great time together, others want to be a part of something.

We look forward to the next Retail Outlet.