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    It all starts here, with your customer, brand, business operation, and vision. Evolution or revolution, we’ll look to understand:

    • Customer profiling and behavior
    • Brand story
    • Services & product offering
    • Format
    • Store operations
    • Staff needs
    • Current environment

    With this all firmly in mind we can help you make the most of every square mm, whether it’s selling space or brand activation. More than likely it’ll be both.   Talking to your staff, hanging around observing – customers, you and the competition, studying the brand bible, reviewing research and customer insight, it’s all part of the process. In turn we’ll map out:

    • Customer navigation & flow strategy
    • General arrangement layouts
    • Operational review – challenges & opportunities
    • Current interiors appraisal
    • Design brief – entire store/ bespoke merchandising
    • Preliminary scoping



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