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    2D Layouts

    Indoors, outdoors, inside-out, we’ll provide fully integrated drawing packages. General arrangement; lighting scheme; mechanical; electrical; build; fire safety; fixtures & fittings; all these layers will be in there.

    3D Model

    While we are well versed in the latest CAD & BIM software for buildings, interiors and general spaces, we also have the most up to date 3D laser scanning technology.

    • Accurate to 2mm, and measuring up to 50,000 data points per second
    • Produces 360 degree models in high definition photography.
    • Enables infinite measurements to be taken, from your desktop
    • Data hosting facility, allows multiple log-in



    Because we understand local authority demands and legislature we’ll relay any possible issues, risk & restrictions. We’ll share constructive options, and the impact of those. If planning consent is required, we’ve got bags of experience in putting together applications.


    We have been known to find sites, but more often than not our works require us to be well versed in agent and landlord liaisons. It could be, Westfield, a property agency or developer, at estate consideration, design approval, or scheduling construction phase.

    If your site requires the once over, we’re happy to survey the condition of the building and provide a full dilapidations & repairs report.


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