Sowing The Seeds Of Symbiosis

When starting a new customer relationship, like any relationship, the rapport and closeness takes time.

Challenges and complications are a part of life, but when a client and supplier have a symbiotic relationship they can be overcome with relative ease. Each challenge won builds the cornerstones of that bond.

A new client team, a new design, within a new environment, presents a new world to figure out, adapt to and find compatibility.

Working with Co-operative Travel (part of The Midcounties Co-operative) to launch a new store concept and roll it out shows that we all have to navigate the first project, ern our stripes, and lay the foundations for any new long-term relationship to flourish.

Natascha Hague, Senior Project Coordinator looks at finding the footing when a new relationship starts. “With more stores lined up for 2019, each project represents a stamp of association.”

“However, when starting out fresh, there presents a commitment when it comes to getting to know each other.”

Natascha gives advice for nurturing a new customer relationship.

“For instance, the terminology used by one person may be different for another. This comes down to communication and the importance of remembering that we all behave differently. We aim to understand what our client is not saying, as well as what they are saying in order to get our response right.”

“Appreciation of time and difficulty cannot be exaggerated. You may deal with one person, but it is important to recognise that internally there may be many departments and other factors to consider. One person may say ‘yes,’ but it can take time to filter.”

Everyone wants a new customer relationship to be a roaring success from the get-go, but to form a lasting bond it takes time, honesty, hard graft and true commitment for great work to be accomplished.