Store spot, Paris, Undiz Machine

Undiz Machine, 47 Rue De Rivoli, Paris

This month’s store spot is Undiz Machine, a French lingerie brand who have been in the market since 2007. Their focus is on steering away from the more usual pretty or sexy concepts of lingerie in favour of a more urban and playful approach.

The store environment portrays this focus well with the interiors representing an industrial theme through use of materials such as chip board unitary, plastic tubing and perforated black metal. This store spot, in Paris, wasn’t your typical shop format it had an innovative product delivery method hence the store title, Undiz ‘Machine’.The tubing which runs around the store is so much more than just styling for visual reference, it also functions as a unique product delivery tool. Customers can order through the large touch screens and have the item delivered from the stock room through the tubes to the shop floor. You can see your item whizz through the tubes around the store. Thank fully there are no granny pants on order here!