That First Impression

By 3rd June 2019 August 16th, 2019 Uncategorised
lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling

Having skill sets and competencies is great, but a business has to be trustworthy and likable.


The first point of contact is so important to encourage momentum of any relationship.


As automation expands from checking in visitors to conversations with bots, the first human touch is something that we will always champion. Beth Kirby is our Front Of House Co-Ordinator and takes responsibility for the visitor experience.


This is the type of person who becomes a brand ambassador for a business whilst others move away to automation services. When we have a visitor to our head office, the company’s character has to be reflected when people arrive.


Beth says, “The first impression, whether on the phone, or in person, is so important. When communicating with others it relies on relaying information throughout the day, so everything flows.”


“It all comes down to customer service and people getting on with each other, both internally and externally. If I am that first point of contact, that’s great.”


May represents a month we celebrate these unsung heroes of any business. It represents companies becoming familiar with each other. If one person holds the baton, they represent every facet of a company’s identity that binds everything and everyone together.