The Museum Store As The Place For Engagement

By 29th August 2019 Uncategorised

This summer Resolution Interiors helped launch the new gift shop as part of the Welcome Centre and Exhibition area for St Albans Cathedral, the oldest Christian site in Britain.

Creating visitor-centric experiences are key to the longevity of historic sites.

Here are some key learnings when working on museum stores:

  • technology is limitless with VR and AI, but you have to provide value for visitors, not novelty

  • There has to be a focus on how a new environment relates to the history of a building

  • You need to consider the needs of the visitors. From those who want to browse to those who want to learn more

  • Gift shops can add to the experience if designed with intent

  • You can build a communal relationship between the visitor and the buying decision

  • Historic sites can retain their piece of the retail opportunity at critical points on the visitor experience

Museum stores are becoming a point of difference, not a place as an afterthought before you leave a building and continue with the rest of your day. It is often the last impression your guests will have, so let’s make it a good one!