The Pop Up Perspective

A reusable world is a place we are all becoming comfortable with.

It all comes down to how brands utilise space in the most efficient way.

Terry Watson, our New Business Development Manager, recognises the prominence of reusable pop-up ventures. Terry says, “Brands are currently closing in on their estates and looking at new opportunities. Temporary units present a viable option.”

“There are moments in time that are important to companies, such as school dates or noted occasions on the calendar. It provides opportunity for retailers to assess.”

From a pure reusable perspective, with a skeletal kit, pop up space can be transferred easily from one place to another, as well as efficiencies with time. What was a two week shop fit out, becomes a 24 hour commitment, even to the extent of the resale of furniture.

How does the future look? Terry highlights going back to basics. “A pop-up model enables a company to test a market, see if a brand is right for a town and recognise how they fit within the retail landscape.”

“Similar to many industries today, from firms working with temporary staff before they commit to full time, to leasing cars instead of outright purchase, it represents how brands and people evolve their thinking.”

There is real scope for retailers to test the water.