Truth Will Out

Sharing a hard truth from the outset can instill trust in others.

Here is a short story to highlight a case in point.

Resolution Interiors quoted for a project where the focus was an installation for a major UK brand’s open day. We tendered for the work. We did not win the work.

Our mantra is to interrogate the brief, then interrogate it once again. You cannot be true to a project if you do not ask the right questions at the very beginning.

The crux of this project came down to timing. One of our competing contractors stated that they could deliver to the deadline specified, whereas we could not find a way to do so in providing our tightest programme. The truth was, one particular component produced by a finite supply chain, could not be made within the time frame. There was no getting around this for any of the parties tendering. 

The company who won the project had to eventually state that they could not install in the time that they originally proposed. The client came back to us and we will now install the desk at the end of January.

Here are the main things learned when honesty becomes the best policy.

If you stick to your guns from the outset, the reward is credibility

Relationships are fed on being consistent with each other

You have to do the right thing, as it’s the right thing to do

We all have to treat each other fairly.