The Way I See Things – Lyndsey Dennis, Editor, Retail Focus


With the Retail Outlet event on the horizon, lets share those who are taking part and making their stand within the retail industry.

Lyndsey Dennis is Editor of Retail Focus magazine. A monthly resource for everything related to retail interiors, design and store concepts.

Here is a chance to get to know Lyndsey a bit better and how the landscape has changed from retail, but also a publishing perspective.


How We’re All Changing

Lyndsey highlighted, “The advances in how we shop and how we behave has changed immeasurably in a matter of years.”

“The consumer is more demanding, so retailers have a responsibility to evolve or stagnate. It comes back to asking a simple question, ‘what makes us stand out and be memorable to someone else.’ This has to be a key question.”

Lyndsey explained how companies have had to adapt their business models, “Even within the publishing industry we have had to change and look at things differently.”


The World Of Publishing

“What was once focused heavily on the printed medium, we have changed a mindset where the website receives ongoing daily attention and use the various distribution channels and our printed magazine becomes the monthly round-up.”

“It would be sad if the world of print dies out, which I don’t believe it will. There is still a need for printed publications. The whole tangible nature is something that a mobile device could never replicate, the touch, the smell, the feel.”

“Print will still be here if what is created is relevant and targeted to a specific audience. This is something that we have built here at Retail Focus. We provide a design slant and bring the voices of others from architects to interior designers, who are doing good work and deserve to be championed.”


The Retail Outlet Project

Lyndsey is looking forward to being a part of the Retail Outlet event. “If this is an event that can build momentum, then we are fully behind this initiative. Bringing people from, or have an influence within, the retail arena to share and participate is key.”

“It is similar to how the whole retail environment is changing. Whilst technology and the advances brands have made is key, nothing will ever replace the ability for people to converse, connect and communicate.”


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