What Are The Biggest Differences When Working In The Luxury Sector?

By 28th January 2019April 13th, 2021Leisure & Hospitality, Retail

Whilst retail is the bedrock of Resolution Interiors, working in sectors presents variation.

The luxury retail sector has included working with the likes of Emily Estates, Roja Parfums and Rolls Royce. There are distinct differences between the retail high street brands and its luxury counterparts.

Here are the main differences we see when working in the luxury sector:

  • Whilst a ‘high street brand’ has a focus on convenience and style, for the luxury brand it is all about that unattainable experience that cannot be achieved online
  • The use of space is a huge factor, where less can be better. Products become one part of the overall storytelling journey. The layout of the space forms part of the overall retail strategy
  • Interactions are heightened. The space that is created there is an emphasis on the touch points between brand and customer. Intimacy is vital.
  • The uniqueness of what is presented to the customer. This isn’t about brands constantly reinventing themselves, but what is presented aligns with their message and their audience.

Working with luxury brands we see the importance of stores ensuring they meet the needs of customers.

As we move into a new decade, the role of the physical store will play an increasingly important role in the overall delivery of the customer experience.