Why we are more than your typical shopfitter

Ever wondered what a shopfitter is, their role and what they can offer your business? You’re not alone. Luckily in this article, not only will we enlighten you to what a shopfitter does; we’ll also show you why we are far from your average shopfitter!

What is a shopfitter?

To describe it simply, a shopfitter is someone who builds, manufactures and installs fixtures for retail and commercial spaces with the intention of making it useable by your business. And this is quite handy, as no matter your business goals – café, restaurant, department store, office or retail shop – you can confidently hire a shopfitter to ‘fit-out’ your space to suit your business needs.Amongst their many responsibilities, you can enjoy:

How are Resolution Interiors different?

There is no disputing that typical shopfitter plays an integral role in creating the right space for your business to thrive. Yet, how can you pick from the many companies that exist and ensure that you find the right fit (no pun intended)?

The key is recognising what each shopfitter has got to offer. When deciding on who to appoint as your fitout partner, you need to consider who goes the extra mile and offers that perfect blend of services that suits your business needs solving the problem that you are faced with.

True, many offer the same services. And yes, their service offerings tend to overlap. However, look a little closer and you’ll see that we are not all the same. At Resolution Interiors , we make a number of promises to our customers: Engagement from the very beginning of the project – by getting under the skin of your brand and getting to know exactly what you and your customers want from this new space; we can help you to tailor your design choices and ensure that you fulfil their every requirement.

In doing so, you’ll be able to formulate a brief that will deliver the best results.

Our team includes not just experts in retail design; but we also cover retail strategy and brand development. Using this extensive knowledge and professional training, we can examine and take into account a number of factors – including location and your demographics – to help you understand the potential future of your store.

Our team will assist with the entire design process, holding your hand and guiding the way from concept design through to detailed specification manuals. Our work with numerous brands has equipped us with the knowledge and skillset to recognise exactly what each of your customer groups need from your retail design; whether they crave immersive experiences or desire dedicated aisles and kid friendly activities to help keep the little ones occupied; these insights and invaluable in informing design choices.

Even once your initial store design is complete, we stick around and review the performance of the space, to help you to understand customer behaviour i.e. what makes your customers tick; ensuring that you create store displays that will maximise sales and return business, and that any fine tuning and tweaks are made before we leave you to it .

Increased focus on sustainability – we are dedicated to helping you find the best solution for both your brand and the planet. By advising you on the latest technology and the right industry codes of practice to use; we can help you to create a workplace that will boost staff retention and enable increased productivity. In doing so, not only can you benefit from a sustainable environment, but you’ll also have a team that lasts.

Storage & logistics – we have our own large onsite warehousing facilities which can provide you with storage and logistics for National & International deliveries, as well as a great network of hubs throughout the country for more agile solutions.

Maximum health and safety – we aim to keep you, our contractors and ourselves safe. We achieve this by implementing rigorous practices, processes and reporting systems. Our mantra is ‘getting everyone home safe’.

Unlike many shopfitters who adopt a one size fits all philosophy, at Resolution Interiors we recognise that every project is unique and will come with its own set of challenges. That is why, alongside getting to know your target audiences customer behaviour and learning what will keep them in store; all of our services are scalable so we can tailor your fit out to suit your exact needs (and budget!).

So if you’re looking to redesign your store or office, why not consider enlisting the help of our team today? From design reviews and surveying, to supplying strategic designs, plans and concepts; with the support of our strong contractor base and expert in-house team, you can trust that we’ll take your intelligent designs and make them a reality.

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