Clerkenwell Design Week. Main Takeaways

It’s a huge part of the design calendar, but how was Clerkenwell Design Week?

Sammi Burden (Creative Director) and Matt Hext (Technical Designer) went to this year’s event. A place for designers, architects, suppliers to convene and soak up trends, collections and inspiration.

Sammi highlighted some of the main takeaways. “I loved it. There is a real sense of community and a collaborative work ethic. People, from all over the world are there for the same purpose, to champion creativity and design.”

“It helps to re-emphasise disciplines and practices. For instance, lighting schemes are imperative within a retail environment.”

“A personal stand out element was seeing the way furniture and carpet were exhibited. The practical element was taken out and what was created was art. Immersive experiences have such a prominence at Clerkenwell Design Week.”

By providing a forum for what’s new, it keeps us up to date on trends and how the industry is shaping from a design perspective.

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