Creating A Sense Of Place

Whilst flexible working represents a key part of how many companies operate, there are times when feeling part of the team takes precedence.

A number of project managers spend a large proportion of the month away from the head office and on various projects throughout the UK and overseas.

To put this into context, none of our clients want to know that we are continually sitting behind a desk in our head office. Clients want to know they are cared for and supported with someone committed to making the difference. However, from an internal level it is important to create connection.

Nicola Hammett, Head of Project Coordination (alongside Jenny Hardy), is dedicated to the project team and recognises the importance to function as a team. “Working on your own, whilst it can provide a sense of freedom, can also become quite isolating.”

“Bringing people together represents a huge sense of community. Having a place of work is not about working within four walls, but using the skillsets and knowledge of each other.”

“A key part of our identity at Resolution Interiors is teamwork. Everyone has to communicate together. Whilst remote working works, it can also mean project managers become detached. For any business, you have to encourage a support network.”

We have always believed that when you create an environment to share and participate within, it forms a much healthier company. Enabling people to do their job better is about encouraging flexibility and also providing others with a sense of place.

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