Health & Safety – Become Who You Are, Not What You Do

Health & safety should not be something that is reluctantly adopted, it should be an approach that is part of the company culture.

This is endorsed by Daniel Thomas, Health & Safety Coordinator.

Here at RI, awareness of safety and a shift in the behaviours of all individuals has been heightened since early 2018. This is when we introduced safety focus days, concentrating on various different topics and how these are applicable to every member of staff – whether they be office based, remote workers, or out on site.

It is a way to educate, and keep right up to date. It is a way to raise awareness.

Daniel says, “Our Spotlight app is a reporting mechanism for all to identify hazards that could lead to accidents, if not rectified. Whilst it seems counter intuitive, the fact that we are seeing a dramatic rise in ‘identified hazards’ is proof behaviours’ are becoming engrained company-wide’”

“It doesn’t mean there are more hazards, it means people are more aware of what can lead to injury and how to prevent it.”

“When you have an engaged workforce, people become aware of their environment. I produce a quarterly report. Trip hazards are the most noted. Since we introduced the education and reporting system, we have seen a reduction from 74% to 31% related to trip hazards.”

When health & safety become how you do business, it becomes embraced by the whole company.

When you instill change, it encourages new behaviour.

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