How do modern methods of construction impact fit outs?

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) have been a talking point in the industry for a long time, but with the Construction Playbook highlighting this area and encouraging greater use of MMC more companies are starting to take notice.

While many industry leaders are focusing on what MMC can do for the construction of whole buildings, few are exploring what MMC means for internal construction processes during fit outs and refurbishments.

We believe that the core principals of Modern Methods of Construction can also benefit fit out projects in all sectors.

Faster Turnaround

With offsite manufacturing processes, each phase of the construction can be efficiently planned, programmed and carried out within the best working environment in advance of works on site commencing. In this way more working activities can be progressed concurrently, and duration on site can often be reduced. Our operations team focus on providing agile mobilisation, and fast fit out by utilising our national supply chain in this way. This can speed up the turnaround time on fit out projects – a significant benefit to our clients.

Reduced Disruption To Business

Fit outs often take place in live, occupied environments where disruptions can be costly. With a carefully constructed programme of planned works we can minimise this disruption by; working out of hours shifts; limiting noisy works to the least disruptive periods; ensuring best in class health & safety standards and a tidy site that can be handed over for working hours; ensuring any necessary power downs or suspension of services occurs out of the live working period; and working closely with building & security management teams on site with a clear communications plan to support. In this way businesses will face fewer disruptions from the construction work. While we can work alongside teams and accommodate their needs it allows them to maintain their services throughout.

Increased Health & Safety

Offsite construction, enables the health and safety for the whole project to be managed more effectively. The processes for offsite construction are often much safer for workers than those on site since factories can use specialist machinery that is difficult to transport, monitor safety procedures with more ease and provide a controlled environment with no environmental variables to consider.

Improved Sustainability

MMC methods such as modular construction reduces material usage and waste by up to 50% while the reduction in time spent onsite also reduces the amount of pollution and energy consumption often experienced on traditional construction sites. Using MMC for a fit out can support businesses who are environmentally conscious or working towards a BREEAM accreditation.

Modern Methods of Construction are undoubtedly the way forward for large construction projects, but we believe MMC can have significant benefits for fit outs across the country. Find out more about our fit out and refurbishment services or get in touch with our team to discuss your project.

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