In-Store Experience Has To Be Meaningful

The in-store experience for customers has never been more important for brands.

A recent study by Oracle highlighted that one-third of consumers will not shop a brand again if they have one bad experience.

Resolution Interiors have seen during 2019 a continued focus on brands ensuring that the touch points they have with people, within the real world, are meeting customer need and desire.  Getting this right remains critical for long term success.

Relevance is going to be heightened in 2020.

People need a reason to visit stores whilst brands lean into offering meaningful experiences.

A good example is Samsung who have recently launched their Samsung JX store, close to Kings Cross station. It is designed to be an informal space with a heavy focus on community. Alongside the latest products and how the future of the home will look, there is an emphasis on creativity and events. The brand is planning early morning yoga, rum tasting (not together we might add!) and talks from media outlets.

When a brand delivers on its promise and creates something consistent for its customers, the whole experience is heightened for everyone. For an experience to work, it has to mean something to others, this is when you have a customer for life.