Key things to consider when designing your workplace

It is incredible how much a workplace design can impact on the performance of your staff. Did you know that greens and blues are believed to be restful and can help lend positivity to the well-being of your team as they evoke feelings of. happiness. And when your team is happy, they’ll be more committed to the job.

That said, your colour pallette shouldn’t be your only consideration when looking for ways to retain the best staff and help your business to succeed. When designing your office space, you should also factor in the following:

Employee Engagement

FACT: happy employees are loyal employees.

The happiness and well-being of your employees matters as this collective of people are the foundation upon which your business will either flourish or fail. This means you should take great care in ensuring that they are happy – and stress-free – as the more optimistic they are, the more productive they will be.More importantly, their well-being will feed into their work behaviour. And this can prove advantageous to you as it will enable them to see the bigger picture, while encouraging them to be open to: new ideas, taking risks, communicating, accepting change and embracing challenges.

To help you with this, we recommend the following tips:

This is because light in general can help to brighten the space and breathe life into the room; creating an environment where ideas and innovation can thrive.


Another point to consider here is cognitive overload and the danger of too much technology. If employees cannot take regular breaks from tech, they’ll eventually become anxious, withdrawn and unmotivated. To stop this from happening – and ensure that they remain in the present – you need to offer them spaces where they can connect with others (one-to-one) and make eye contact. This will elevate their mood and invigorate their work ethic.

TIP: design areas that allow workers to manage how much sensory stimulation they receive. By carefully selecting the right materials, textures, colours, lighting and views, you can create a sense of calm. At the same time you want to avoid filling your office entirely with cubicles as this can evoke feelings of loneliness and stress. Instead, have desks strategically placed in appropriately distanced clusters occupied by colleagues or teams who collaborate regularly – and place dividers between desks so that they can get privacy when they need it and avoid distractions/interference.


Productivity & Functionality

We touched on this a little in the section above, as research proves happy employees equal productive employees. Yet, how can you achieve this level of commitment and passion just from the furniture you use, or from the way you layout the office?

Here are some suggestions:



The key is to give them the opportunity to personalise/customise their individual space i.e. with family photos or by offering them an adjustable chair/back support to improve their comfort levels. The more comfortable they feel, the more efficient they will become.

Tip: give them choice/control over where and how they work, and design for transparency i.e. so people can see and be seen. This will build up trust and loyalty.



TIP: you should always put the functionality of your office over the aesthetics to ensure that your working environment is dynamic and stress free.



In other words, you need to take the ergonomics of your workplace into consideration and analyse what can be changed/removed to improve efficiency i.e. adjustable chairs, the height of a worker’s eye level; tailored workspaces, etc. This will eliminate the risk of long term health conditions (neck and back pain) and will boost morale, as your employees will feel valued, cared for and safe.


With zero waste stores and recycling growing more prevalent, creating a sustainable workspace has never been more important. In fact, research points towards employees wanting to work for environmentally conscious businesses. This suggests that by making your space more sustainable, you will attract the best of the up and coming generation.







While functionality is essential, your workplace designs are the perfect place to showcase your brand and reveal more of your story, personality, ethics and beliefs. This can range from using imagery from the town where you first started, to aligning the colours of your brand into your furnishings. All of this will help your employees and visitors to feel engaged with your brand from the moment they enter your office.Facilitate storytelling – go beyond your graphics and logos to incorporate thoughtful, unique features that will help you to tell a comprehensive story of your brand. From the materials you use to the lights you hang up; all of this can help to offer employees/visitors an immersive experience that is engaging and memorable.

There are a lot of aspects of your workplace design that can help to positively improve employee experiences, engagement and ensure that their well-being, functionality and happiness is maintained. From carefully planning out your office space, to selecting furnishings that are employee focused; it is possible to create a supportive and nurturing environment that will amplify performance.

For assistance with creating the perfect workplace design for your team contact us at Resolution Interiors today. With the right plan you can bring your brand to life.

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