One Size Can’t Fit All. Or Can It?

Whilst we all acknowledge that one size cannot fit everyone and is now a slightly clichéd term, there is still room for rigid process with a flexible mindset.

When Resolution Interiors started, we were very much a supplier of retail fixtures and fittings where one size was shaped for each customer.

As the company progressed, a different model started to work.

As any company grows, there’s a need to instill a greater level of processes for the consistent quality of output. This is so that all teams within an organization work and think together. Uniformity in delivery is important, rather than being too reactionary i.e. regulation and health and safety practice have to conform.

You can still be reactive to a clients’ needs which on some occasions literally means ‘pulling rabbits out of hats’ but it can’t be your modas operandi. No one wins when a response to a customer is, ‘this is the only option you have.’ by sticking unswervingly to a pre-set process. Creating better customer experiences is about recognizing and really understanding ‘unique’, then applying discipline to your skillset so that the solution is right for them and ultimately the end user.

A tailored approach is the way it should be when you create a robust supply chain. It all comes down to having a level of conversation where a structured journey from A to B has that element of adaptability.

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