Acai Sisters

Acai sisters

Açaí Sisters is a super food bar that have launched their first London location in the heart of Oxford Street, on the 3rd Floor of House of Fraser, supported by Resolution Interiors design & install teams.

When working with brands that have a clear identity, it also means extending the product line within the space that represents the values that a company has. For instance, the London store now has a yoga studio.

This represents a movement we are seeing where brands are adapting their messaging and offering real-life events, relevancy for their audience and promoting a lifestyle for their customers. There is a shift happening where brands are going beyond the product.

The global wellness industry represents £4.2 trillion globally and brands such as Açaí Sisters represent the ability to appreciate the values and lifestyles of the customers who can be loyal to the company. The retail space becomes a venue for people to complement their quality of life.

By introducing complementary products such as a yoga studio, this takes the physical shopping experience to the next level. No matter the industry, utilising space that brings people together, is something that the online world cannot touch.

acai sisters yoga studio