Can retail take inspiration from leisure & tourism, when it comes to customer experience?

Retail Outlet 18, visits the home of English Gin, for a cocktail master class, gin tasting and distillery tour.

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look into how Hayman’s make True English Gin while exploring the history of  English Gin cocktails through the centuries, from classic serves to contemporary creations.

Looking to explore notions of provenance, education, styling, authenticity and collecting unique experiences – over the perfect G&T, or should we say H&T.

On Thursday 1st November 2018, 6.30pm at Hayman’s Gin Distillery, 8a Weir Road, London, SW12  0GT.

Retail Outlet

A demonstration of three Hayman’s Gin cocktails, followed by your opportunity to get behind the bar and make them, then enjoy them on the other side of the bar

Retail Outlet

A guided tour of the working distillery, and how Hayman’s make their range of True English Gins

Retail Outlet

A tutored tasting of Hayman’s range of True English Gins, with instruction on how to make the perfect G&T, including an H&T for each guest

Retail Outlet

Poured alongside canapés & bowl food, created to complement the drinks


Retail Outlet

Paul Bissell

Operations Director

Resolution Interiors

Retail Outlet

Andy Lovell

Managing Director

Resolution Interiors

Creative Director | Resolution Interiors

Sammi Burden

Creative Director

Resolution Interiors

Jason Ledingham

Account Director

Resolution Interiors

retail interiors team

Alicia Thresh

Account Director

Resolution Interiors

NBD Manager | Resolution Interiors

Charlotte Byrne

New Business Manager

Resolution Interiors


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