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Our roots are in retail, and while we have branched out to other sectors we are always excited to learn more about retail, how the industry is growing and changing, and how we can out our own stamp on it. As we enter the new financial year (where did March go?!) we thought we would deep dive into a few of our favourite retail trends. After two years of online shopping bricks and mortar stores are having to work extra hard to get customers through the doors again. Implementing some of these trends could be your golden ticket to increasing foot fall…Biophilic design… inside and out!

There is a common misconception that biophilic design is just about introducing greenery to your space. However, it also encompasses embracing natural materials, using calming colours and textures, limiting noise pollution, and introducing as much natural light as possible.

From team RI’s point of view, the more greenery the better – it improves air quality and helps to connect us back to nature. It is important have plenty of plants in your space (whether that is a commercial space or your own home) but it is also important to be immersed in nature when you step out the door too.  We love this initiative from Louis Vuitton, property manager and developer, Cadogan and SUGI, who are dedicated to restoring green spaces and forests in urban areas; ‘Rewilding Chelsea’.  Many people, throughout the pandemic, were trapped in cities with little to no green space to walk in, and this has a direct negative effect on our mental wellbeing. Initiatives like Rewilding Chelsea, as well as the Mayor of London’s commitment to ensure that “more than half of London will be green by 2050 and the city’s tree canopy cover increases by 10%” are crucial in providing city dwellers with much needed green space. If more stores embraced this, by making their shop windows and surrounds more green – imagine what a difference that would make to our high streets!Playful retail

Spaces that allow us to go back to feeling like giddy children are always a win, and also a great pull to encourage us back into stores – you can’t achieve that kind of experience from an ecommerce site. We love how brands are embracing bold colours, fun installations, and interactive elements to allow customers to have a truly playful and nostalgic experience. Playful retail can have a powerful effect on customer retention, a great experience in your store is likely to make a repeat customer, and in these times of uncertainty, we are unconsciously looking towards nostalgia for comfort and reassurance (ref: WGSN 2022. Retail Trends).

We love the new Nike PLAYlab concept, aiming to engage the younger generation to get involved in learning new skills and moving their body, within a safe community. The pop up is currently open, inside their flagship Oxford Street store. There are various stations to invent a new dance move, a new sport or engage their inner Mbappé (a French footballer for those not in the know!) Participants can upload videos for a certificate, and a few lucky kids will be featured on the Nike PLAYlab YouTube series. Though this space is aimed at the younger generation, the message is for all! It is important to move and feel empowered to do so. By raising the next generation with this mindset, Nike hopes to have a positive influence on both our physical and mental health.Brand immersion

Finally, full brand immersion – from the moment you enter the doors you enter a new world, a world where you can see, smell, touch, and in some cases… even taste or hear a brand. This can be a powerful experience for the customer, especially when executed by more luxury brands.

French fashion house, Dior are no stranger to this concept and their brand-new flagship in Paris is the perfect example. After 2 years of designing and building the space, they finally opened to the public in March. It boasts 3 gardens, 2 restaurants, a gallery space and an apartment to stay in (where guests can enjoy a 24/7 shopping experience). This truly is an immersive brand universe, and a retail experience that could never be replicated online! The flagship store offers all that Dior has to offer, from ready-to-wear, leather goods, jewellery and beauty. “In short, luxury customers and fans of Dior can eat, sleep, wear and work out in Dior” (Vogue 2022).Something to think about…

How can these trends impact and inspire your retail space? Resolution Interiors are a specialist turnkey fit out contractor, with a sister design studio, Field, within the retail sector. In our 20+ years of trading we have created memorable and forward-thinking spaces for brands like Virgin Holidays, Farrow and Ball and Nike. If your space needs updating, to encourage your customers back to the bricks and mortar, we are here to help! Give us a shout about your project today.

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